Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Keyword Challenge

I didn't do to badly on the keyword challenge. For the Hollywood Challenge, I got a 75% on the first try but ended up with a 100% on the second try. I'm not sure how I did it, but I guess it just wasn't that hard for me. Then, I did the Broadway one because I figured it was just too easy. On that one, I got a 95% after the third try.

Both tries, I was able to identify the 3 essential keywords on the first try. Then I arranged the rest around and did much better after knowing where certain words did not belong.


aholstein19 said...

I completed both the Hollywood and Broadway challenges in that order too. For some reason though, I did poorly on the Hollywood challenge and got a 70, and then tried the Broadway one and got 100, the opposite of what you experienced with the challenge.

Morganne said...

Hey Bill,
Yeah, the Hollywood challenge seems to be pretty popular. It definitely got easier on the 2nd and 3rd tries once I figured out what they were looking for.

Have a good week,